Mystical Urge To Get Weird Tattoo Pays Off As She’s Presented With The Exact Item Years Later By Strangers


A New York woman saw a random picture of a fish chair years ago and felt a “mystical” pull towards it—so she got the funky furniture tattooed on her leg.

The moment came full circle recently when a group of strangers traveled 300 miles to present her with the exact chair that she admired long ago.

You may not have heard of the Facebook group “Weird Second Hand Finds That Just Need To Be Shared,” but with nearly two million members, it’s an active community.

When a member posted a picture of a fun, if slightly surreal, chair with rainbow-colored fish for back rails, one group member was especially amazed. Syracuse auto mechanic Emily DelFavero had an inking of the exact item on her calf.

When she mentioned this weird piece of kismet to the strangers on Facebook, they soon jumped into action, insisting that she needed to own that chair.

Starting a GoFundMe to buy the quirky piece, they raised $600 and purchased the piece from the Baltimore flea market where it was located. According to On The Road with Steve Hartman, they then devised a plan to transport the fishy item more than 300 miles upstream to Emily.

Talk about a random act of kindness.